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We had an amazing snow-storm today with somewhere between one and two feet of snow. Needless to say, I’m delighted — and tomorrow we’re supposed to get thunder-snow. Is that not the most exciting concept? I’d been wondering the other day if you could have a thunderstorm with snow, but having never experienced it, couldn’t come to a conclusion.
Apparently it’s possible! I’m excited to see.

Today the lower rotation orchestra gave a concert with the Mendelssohn Violin Concerto and Brahms 2. It’s a lot of music to prepare in three weeks, but they were pretty amazing. The soloist on the Mendelssohn was a tank. After nine ineffective years of violin lessons, I may be easily impressed, but honestly? It was commanding, expressive, gorgeous playing. And this is someone who walks in the same halls that I do?
Granted, Judy LeClair (the principal bassoonist of New York Phil) walked down these same halls too. That’s either really encouraging or thoroughly terrifying.

Before I head off to bed, some fun reads:
They Just Don’t Get Us is one of those rare articles on Christianity that I read and agree with completely. No matter what your religious beliefs, I highly recommend it — not all of us Christians are insane! Some of us even vote as liberals, which I know is hard to believe, but true.
And I know I have a link on the left, but Think Denk’s latest post definitely brought a smile to my face. See, music majors need to know more than just how to play their instruments!

Music majors also need to sleep. I’m going to go work on that.


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