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Sometimes when I practice it’s like magic. Today I was working on the David Concertino and the technique just suddenly came together. I tried to analyze it, and then it started to pull apart.
So I said to myself, “Just love it.”
And then it was fine.

That doesn’t always happen, but it’s so worth it just for that moment of falling in love with the music one more time.
(And yeah, I’m pretty much always a huge dorkasaurus. But I promise I’m not always talking about practicing!)

Today I had to sub for a sub at a rehearsal that pretty much was a waste of time. Yay for second bassoon parts consisting almost entirely of sustained notes? To be fair, some of them were pretty important sustained notes. And we did get peanut brittle and pumpkin bars at the end. (College has made me so grateful for real food.)
I guess this is what I signed up for when I said I’d try the bassoon back in the sixth grade. Two hour rehearsals, I guess, were part of the fine print.

But now I’m off to do theory homework and sleep.
Sometimes I think I’m probably the most boring college kid ever — but that is a story for another day.


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