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Today was the first day of classes — although Fractals doesn’t start until Wednesday — and I’m thinking this is going to be a high-quality semester. Even having theory at 8:30 every morning cannot possibly bring me down.
For one thing, we’re playing really fun, really difficult music in this concert Wind Orchestra! I’ve been hoping for a hard rotation, and it looks like Mr. Hunt caught on to my brainwaves. I’m playing all second bassoon, but a lot of it is unison and deliciously difficult, including a high C-sharp in the same piece that starts off with a low B-natural. Rock on.

At dinner I was talking to some friends about politics, and I’m wondering: How much do a candidate’s religious views play into the vote? (Hey, just because I go to music school doesn’t mean I can’t talk politics!)
For my part, I honestly care very little about a candidate’s religion. My president is not my pastor, and although our church and state are not as separated as they could be (not that I’m necessarily complaining), I don’t think that having an athiest/Catholic/Jewish/Muslim/Buddhist/Scientologist president is at all worrisome. Unless their religion gets in the way of their politics. I mean, I want a good person to be president. I want a competent, intelligent, well-intentioned president. I want someone who actually knows how to work foreign policy — this is a big issue for me. But if my president isn’t a WASP? I don’t care. Just tell me about their views. Show me their voting record. Talk to me about the good or bad they’ve done in the political arena. But I don’t care about their religion, outside of these areas. I mean, this is America. Should their religion matter in the slightest? I think the answer’s obvious. Then again, I usually do.

I know I’m back at music school when I’m itching to talk politics. Because one can only talk about Alfred Reed and the placement or ritardandi for so long, right?
That said, I am off to practice!


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