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I just got back from watching No Country For Old Men. Amazing.
That said, it’s keep-you-sitting-on-the-edge-of-your-seat stressful, but have you ever seen an artsy thriller with fantastic writing and acting? I think you almost need to see it because of just how many odds it defies. It definitely deserves everything it’s been nominated for, and let it be known that I don’t even like thrillers for the most part. It’s simply an excellent movie.

Only five more days until I leave for break!
Break is such a weird thing. On the one hand, I’m so excited to leave the cold (the perks of the family tradition of celebrating Christmas in Little Havana) and to see my family, but on the other hand, words can’t express how much I love it here. It’s like at home people rarely understood why music was so important to me — I’m not saying this to be emo, but it does kind of get discouraging when people are always trying to talk you out of practicing — and it’s so lovely how here that part of me is simply and wordlessly understood. Music school is a strange and wonderful place.

I’ve mentioned in this post that it helps to schedule yourself. For once I figured I should follow my own advice and bought this planner. I really love it; it’s just small enough to fit comfortably in any purse while being big enough to write down anything. If you’re looking for a planner you’ll actually enjoy using, I highly recommend it. (And yeah, I know there’s only one left, but ModCloth has lots of other planners, too, if you poke around.)

Oh! And before I forget, if you’ve ever thought that woodwind quintets are harbingers of boredom, then you need to listen to Silas Durocher’s wind quintet, Peanut Butter On Rye. I guarantee the bassoon riff will be stuck in your head (and happily so!) for the rest of the day. Even if you don’t play bassoon.


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My favorite kind of winter days are cloudy with the threat of snow, and my favorite winter nights are the ones with thousands of snowflakes falling, glimmering in street lamps. Today was my favorite kind of winter day, so hopefully (this is Rochester!) I’ll luck out with my favorite kind of winter night.
A girl can dream, right?

So I have all kinds of meals left on my meal plan. These don’t carry over after the semester, so essentially I lose them if I don’t use them. I’m trying to round up everyone in need of more meals (read: every junior and senior I know) so that I don’t end the semester with eighty meals left. I mean, there are starving kids in Africa, so someone had better start eating!

On Saturday I got my hair cut and the guy did all kinds of razor work (being me, it definitely reminded me of shaping cane) and I’m really enjoying my new hair. I just take a shower and dry it off and it looks messy and fun and fantastic.
Which, given my hair, is actually pretty impressive. Maybe I’ll post pictures eventually, but that would be awfully girly of me.

I was reading Time Magazine’s review of the Golden Compass, which made me decide not to see the movie. After I spent so much time defending it, too! Way to fail, Hollywood. I’ll save that money and watch The Atonement instead, once it comes out.
I love how college towns have artsy movie theaters; I’ve always wanted to watch more indie movies than I do, and now I have no excuse. Except a certain need to practice.

Speaking of practicing, I’m off!

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