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This summer I’m giving a recital — in the spirit of “what happens to a girl when she goes off to music school for a year?” — and of course I’m already working on my program, but I am also keeping my eye out for the perfect recital dress.
Yeah, it’s a little girly, but a good outfit does wonders for your playing. And since I love dresses, the perfect recital dress is quite a nice thing to have. (Not as nice as a good reed, but sometimes you can’t control that, so… perfect dress?)

There are a few things I ask myself when I’m scouting for this dress.
1) Can I breathe comfortably and deeply in it?
2) Can I sit down and play in it without embarrassing myself/making the audience feel super awkward?
3) Can I take a bow in it?
4) Is it generally comfortable?
5) Is it dressy/casual enough for my recital?
6) Do I feel amazing when I wear it?

Some of these questions — like the one about taking a bow — can be worked around. (I’ve learned how to do a kind of “nod bow” when I’ve picked a dress that does not meet this requirement, for instance.) Also, you have control over things like level of formality, so long as you let the other people in the recital know. And of course a little self confidence is going to go a long way in making you feel amazing in the dress of your choice. 🙂

Here are a few suggestions:

a sassy recital dress
Maybe it’s the fact that they call it the Maestro Dress, but I think this dress is adorable! The higher waist allows you to breathe from the diaphragm, and the higher neckline allows you to bow with gusto. It might be a little short if you want to sit down, but it would be so cute with tights or leggings.

recital dress option 2
I actually own this dress (I love ModCloth, in case you can’t tell), and this dress is so comfy! The waist is both elasticized and a tie, so breathing is no problem. It does need leggings or tights, though, and it’s not super-formal, but would be perfect for a day recital. I highly recommend it!

recital dress option 3
I know this is short, too, but I’m in summer mode! And of course you can wear tights or leggings — or stand up to play. (This is especially true if you don’t play bassoon.) It’s so cute and summery, and a little bit dressier than the previous dresses.

recital dress option 4
Target dresses can be suspect when it comes to quality, and I’ve never seen this dress in person, but it is long and pretty and looks comfy. And it’s only $22! I own a sundress from Target that is too casual for a recital, but it’s one of my favorite dresses. If this dress is anything like it, then it’d be a pleasure to wear even after you play your last note.

recital dress option 5
A confession: This is the dress I want to wear at my recital! It’s just so adorable and sassy and it looks so comfy. We’ll see if it happens, but if anyone uses it at a recital (or anywhere else, really), be sure to let me know. 🙂

recital dress option 6
This dress is a more glamorous, “dressed up” option — it was originally a prom dress! But it is on sale now (like pretty much every other prom dress), so if you love the fact that is is beautiful, high-waisted (for ease of breathing), more or less demure, and super classy, you should definitely go for it.

I hope that, the next time you give a recital, you get to wear the perfect dress!
Here’s hoping I find one of my own. 🙂


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being a girly reed player

Confession: I used to ruin all of my reeds with lipgloss. There was a period of about two years when my reeds were caked with pink gloss residue, which would eventually build up so much that the reed could hardly vibrate. It was disgusting.

So when I decided to finally take bassoon somewhat seriously, I decided I would have to give up painting my lips. After all, reeds were more important than lipgloss — and this is especially significant, as I wasn’t making my own reeds at the time.

But, further confession: I have thin, light-colored lips. They blend into my face. Seriously, you know how people will tuck their lips up and smile and they look strange and different? I can tuck my lips and smile, but I look more or less the same as usual.

Giving up lipgloss may have saved my reeds from distress, but I’m not going to lie, I like having visible lips. I like being pretty. Also, I was using lip balm (my current favorite being Chop Saver because I am indeed a musician with lip matter), so it wasn’t like I couldn’t put anything at all on my lips.
That said, Rochester is not the land of beauty solutions.

The same cannot be said for Miami, however. My sister and I were wandering around the mall and ended up in a Sephora store. (Like I said, sometimes I am pretty girly.) This is when I remembered lip stain. I promptly accosted one of the workers to ask her if lip stain would come off on my reeds and make them gross, like my lipgloss had done. She assured me that it wouldn’t, let me try a sample. I walked out of the store with Vincent Longo lip stain in My Sunshine.

The verdict: A little bit of the stain actually does come off on my reeds, which leaves them kind of pink. However, because lip stain is essentially dye, it’s only color and no residue. This means there’s no damage to my reeds and I luck out with visible lips. As if that isn’t enough, I can still use Chop Saver over my lip stain.
So if you are a double reed player and are too attached to your reeds to ruin them with lipgloss but are too attached to your lips to let them stay uncolored, I’m highly reccomending lip stain. (Also, if you want to try another lip stain, I’ve heard really excellent things about this one.)

Don’t worry, I’m not always this girly.

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My favorite kind of winter days are cloudy with the threat of snow, and my favorite winter nights are the ones with thousands of snowflakes falling, glimmering in street lamps. Today was my favorite kind of winter day, so hopefully (this is Rochester!) I’ll luck out with my favorite kind of winter night.
A girl can dream, right?

So I have all kinds of meals left on my meal plan. These don’t carry over after the semester, so essentially I lose them if I don’t use them. I’m trying to round up everyone in need of more meals (read: every junior and senior I know) so that I don’t end the semester with eighty meals left. I mean, there are starving kids in Africa, so someone had better start eating!

On Saturday I got my hair cut and the guy did all kinds of razor work (being me, it definitely reminded me of shaping cane) and I’m really enjoying my new hair. I just take a shower and dry it off and it looks messy and fun and fantastic.
Which, given my hair, is actually pretty impressive. Maybe I’ll post pictures eventually, but that would be awfully girly of me.

I was reading Time Magazine’s review of the Golden Compass, which made me decide not to see the movie. After I spent so much time defending it, too! Way to fail, Hollywood. I’ll save that money and watch The Atonement instead, once it comes out.
I love how college towns have artsy movie theaters; I’ve always wanted to watch more indie movies than I do, and now I have no excuse. Except a certain need to practice.

Speaking of practicing, I’m off!

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