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blogging in a new location

If you miss my posts on The Bassoon Chick, and you wish that I would return, your wish has come true: I’ve started a new blog, Rachel: In Progress. It still features my views on music, bassoon, and college life, but there’s more!
(Devoted readers will be happy to hear that tomorrow I’m starting a series on finding the perfect recital dress, so in case you enjoyed my post on recital dresses, you’re just in luck.)

I hope to see you over at the new location — thank you so much for your support and visits, even when I was an unreliable blogger!


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I was just about to go practice, but a thunderstorm started and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to restart this blog. So… here I am. It’s been almost a year since I updated, and although I don’t know how precisely I can describe it, one of the major changes I’ve experienced in the past months has been a transformation from insecure, to a girl daily gaining in confidence.
See, one of the reasons I stopped updating was that I felt as though I could never provide you, readers, with any worthwhile insights on the bassoon-playing world. I’m just a student, after all, what do I have to tell you? The thing is, maybe I can’t tell you with much certainty which bassoon to buy or how to make amazing reeds or a practice strategy that will make you a thousand times better overnight.
The only thing I have to tell is this: my story. I’m a bassoonist at the Eastman School of Music and I am working hard and getting better and every day I learn so many new things. I want to share them with you, here.
Of course I’ll still be sharing tips, suggestions, and my views on the bassoon & music, but I’m sitting here hoping, not just that this thunderstorm passes quickly so that I can go practice, but also that this blog will be a story in progress about a bassoonist in progress. And I want to invite you to take that journey with me — let’s see where it takes us.

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It’s been almost a year since my last post — and I’m so sorry for disappearing like that!
A lot has happened in the past year, but even more is happening this summer. I’m playing my first real gig as a professional bassoonist (in the pit at the Ohio Light Opera), getting a new bassoon (a lovely Fox 660 — in ten days!!), and rocking a new short haircut.

Clearly, lots of changes are on the horizon.
And with a summer that could have so many new discoveries and adventures — well, as many as the middle of Ohio will allow — isn’t that a summer worth blogging about?

So add the blog to your bookmarks, and look forward to new updates! I’m back. 🙂

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I will be visiting my grandparents in Miami starting today until June 23. They don’t have an internet connection, so hopefully I’ll be able to update once a week… But if not, just picture me enjoying the beach and working on reeds!

Have a great summer in the meantime!

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So after a semester of crazy times (including the most bizarrely difficult math class, my first jury ever, and lots of reeds, quintet rehearsals, and learning of music), I am back home and am going to update this sucker again. I’m planning on continuing these updates into the school year, this time… because honestly, this blog is fun and hopefully a good resource for you?

With that in mind, I’m asking you, the readers of my humble blog, what would you like to see here this summer? Music school tips, album reviews, entertaining bassoon stories? Reed-making strategies?

I’ll be back tomorrow with something, but in the meantime, let me know what you’d like to read more about! I’m all ears. Or eyes. You get the picture?

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After a fantastic two weeks in Miami, I’m back at home — and missing Eastman. College seems like the Time of Two Homes, both of which are more or less equally missed. Or unequally missed, depending, I guess.

Hanging out with all the Cubans that make up my mom’s side of the family was really fun, although no one remembers that I can actually speak some Spanish (I picked up a significant amount while visiting) and so there were a lot of awkward English+gesture conversations that could possibly have been avoided. On the other hand, it’s kind of hard to figure out how to explain what classes I’m taking given my limited vocabulary, so it’s probably all for the best.

I also managed to avoid giving a recital. This was doubly lucky, because my tendinitis decided to make a brief return for a few days. Also, my reeds went a little crazy. That aside, in a week I think I’ll be done with the David Concertino and the etude I was working on. And about four scale studies; for some reason they came really nicely over break.
Speaking of my etude, I decided I’d take a break from Milde etudes and work on Jancourt #5. That sucker is really long. Fun, but long and with some weird trills. Still, a little trilling never hurt anybody, right? This must’ve been Mozart’s motto when he wrote his Bassoon Concerto…

As promised, I’m adding some new features to the site, namely some resources for people interested in music school. Right now there’s nothing new, but keep looking! More is coming before I head back to Eastman.

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At my last lesson Mr. Hunt and I talked a lot about fundamentals (vibrato, tounging/double tounging, flicking, intonation), so I’ve started spending two hours a day working them. It’s surprisingly fun — I’ve always been a sucker for scales — but also surprisingly difficult. Focusing on intonation and coordination and everything for that long is intense.
But when I finish those two hours, getting to work on my etude is such a treat. And let’s not even get started on the thrill of working on my solo rep…! Or excerpts. (I’m only half kidding on this. And pretty soon my fundamentals are going to be awesome. I’m really pumped for that.)

Today was the music theory final, and it wasn’t too terrible. Either I did fairly well, or I did so very badly that I would’ve never realized I was messing up. One of these is a comforting answer.
Once I finished I went to go work on some fundamentals. There’s no rest for the teenage bassoonist, I guess.

On the subject of rest, I’m leaving for break tomorrow! Unfortunately, because of the lack of internet at my grandparents’ house, this means no updates until January 4, when I’ll be at my house for a week before heading back to Eastman. (Actually, there may be one or two updates before then, but I can’t promise anything at the moment.)
This is possibly a sad thing to hear, but never fear! I’ll be back in the new year with lots of fun and exciting insights into life at music school (and life outside music school… it does exist!). There are some fun new features that are in the works, too, so get pumped!
And while you’re waiting for January 4, be sure to check out some of the links on the right! They’re all amazing reads.

So, until then, have a Merry Christmas, an excellent Kwanzaa, a fantastic Boxing Day, and a Happy New Year!

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